beginner anal toys

A Front Door to the Backdoor: Beginner Anal Toys

We get asked a lot: “what are good beginner anal toys?” It’s a perfectly understandable question: many people don’t know immediately what’s a great toy to get started with when they’re trying a new kind of sex. Anal play can be exciting, thrilling and passionate with the right person, but you also want the exploratory period to be fun, too. The last thing anyone wants to be is hurt or uncomfortable during a sexual experience. These are some tips we have on finding anal toys when you start out.

Beginner Anal Toys

One of the first things to look for when deciding which anal toys to start with is to give it the “Eyeball Test.” You know your body better than anyone. If you go through our list of toys on our site, see what you think would fit properly and work best for you. Use your own intuition. By that same token, this is a sex toy. It’s meant to be fun. So, when you go through our catalog, see what excites you. See what turns you on. If you’re scrolling through and something makes your cursor and your heart stop, that’s probably worth a shot.

beginner anal toys

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By that same token, we do have some great beginner anal toys. The “Anal Toy/Prostate Massager with Penis Ring” works as a top notch prostate massager, so that should give him an extra something. The penis ring does more than you might think. See, as it vibrates, it means that the penis and the prostate can be stimulated simultaneously. What makes this such a great toy for those just getting started with anal is that it has seven vibration frequencies. So, if one frequency is too much (or too little) you can try another one. With so many different options, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

Best Anal Sex Toys for Men and Women

The “Vibrating Anal Toy” is exactly what it sounds like: a fun toy. What’s cool about these beginner anal toys is that you can adjust the speed so much; it’s easy to find a mode that works for you. In fact, you can even change the direction of the rotation, so you can really make these sex toys yours in a very brief period of time. To find out more about our anal toys (or really, any of our other toys) don’t be shy: give us an email at or head to our site.