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Best Selling Dildos for Men

Dildos come in all shapes and sizes, from pretty little pink lipsticks to vast lengths that seem more ornamental than useful. If you are looking for your first dildo as a man, then there are some things that you need to know before you can be certain that you are buying the best dildo for men when you go to the checkout. Learning more about these products can make the choice easier, and you will find a sex toy that meets your needs and gives you satisfaction.

Buying a Specific Toy for Men

One important thing that most dildo guides won’t tell you is that there is a world of difference between dildos for women and those for men. In fact, we wouldn’t recommend that you buy a toy which was designed for a woman, as there is much more satisfaction to be found when you chose one that has been made for the male body. You should be looking for a dildo which is designed for anal insertion, so it will have a wider base which will prevent it from going too far into the anus when used. Look for one which will be easy to extract, so you don’t end your evening of pleasure with a trip to the ER.

best dildo for men

What Do You Want From A Dildo?

Another thing that you will have to consider is exactly what you want from your dildo. There are a number of products which are designed to be used in different ways. Prostate massagers, for example, will be longer and thinner while stretchers will be shorter and fatter. The designs of the former set will include curved heads and flexible shafts, while stretchers will tend to be firmer and straighter. Knowing more about your needs will help you to find the perfect dildo.

Size and Shape

When you are looking for the best dildo for men, size and shape are very important. You need to buy a dildo that you can take comfortably – there is no point buying a 10-inch model if you can’t take 7″ comfortably. You should also look at the total size of the dildo, and the amount that will be used. Modern realistic dildos often have shaping around the base which will prevent you from using the full length, so be aware of this when you are buying. To find out more about how to buy the ideal dildo for men, Pretty DM can offer you advice and information about your choices, so contact us today.