The Best Dildo for Women

Pretty DM 12/30/18

The female body is an intricate secret holder. Each of us have different “spots” or triggers that get us going in the bedroom. Not only is it important for us to explore our bodies, and experiment with ways in which we love to be touched, but it is important to find connection with our sexuality….

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Vibes, Vibrators and Vibrating Panties Online, Oh My

Pretty DM 12/14/18

Bringing accessories to the bedroom is a great way to reignite a dying flame. Or if the wick is still burning bright, enhance the pleasure. It’s okay, you can blush. But just know there is nothing more fun than finding your favorite vibrator or the best vibrating panties online. Many couples search high and low…

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Buy the Best Dildo for Men

Pretty DM 11/30/18

Ask someone “what’s the best dildo for men” and you’re liable to get about a million different answers. It’s like asking “what’s your favorite kind of pizza?” Everyone will have a different response, but the main ingredients are similar in many of them. If you have any questions about what kind of dildo you should…

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A Front Door to the Backdoor: Beginner Anal Toys

Pretty DM 11/16/18

We get asked a lot: “what are good beginner anal toys?” It’s a perfectly understandable question: many people don’t know immediately what’s a great toy to get started with when they’re trying a new kind of sex. Anal play can be exciting, thrilling and passionate with the right person, but you also want the exploratory…

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